Tuesday, 1 April 2014

1. Where are their campuses?
Kelowna, BC
Fredericton, NB
Halifax, NS

2. When did the school open? 
In 2002.

3. What are your top 3 programs that you are interested in?
Digital photography, Veterinary Hospital Assistant, Interior Design

4. How long are the programs? 
 Digital photography: 12 months
Veterinary Hospital Assistant: 9 months
Interior Design: 24 months

5. How much is tuition?

6. What jobs would you be trained to do with the programs you chose?

Digital photography: 

Sport/Action Photographer, Event/ Wedding Photographer, Wildlife photographer
Veterinary Hospital Assistant: Veterinary Hospital, Grooming Facilities, Boarding Kennels
Interior Design: Code Consultant, Office Space Planner

7. Find 3 interesting facts on your own.

-There is a photography contest where you can win $2000 if you take the best picture of a reflection.
-Over 28,000 square feet of learning spaces in the Kelowna facility 
-The facility in Halifax is one of the largest production facilities in the region 

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