Wednesday, 15 May 2013

#14 Adventure!!

Step 1: Open photo. Change width value to 2000.

Step 2: Use the lasso tool to select the head and add a layer mask. This is the "lady black layer".

Step 3: Select the lady's layer (not the mask) and change the threshold value to 90.

Step 4: Having black as the foreground colour, got to colour range and change the fuzziness to 200.

Step 5: Create new layer and use a black brush to paint over any white parts (like in the hair) that are unwanted.
Step 6: Create a new layer, fill it with white, and move it to the bottom.

Step 7: Create a new layer and use splatter brushes to paint around the hair.

Step 8: Paste in a grunge texture. With the texture layer selected, command+click on the "lady black" layer to select its pixels. Then shift+control+click on the layer with the paint splatter to also choose their pixels.

Step 9: Add a layer mask to the texture layer. Now all the layers except for the texture layer and the white layer can be hidden.
Step 10:  Now for the last step you can add a gradient adjustment layer to add some colour to your texture. You can choose one of the default gradients or you can make your own. Set the gradient layer to overlay.

The website where I found this tutorial: