Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Final Retro

rainbow background tutorial:

With this assignment I decided to do this because whenever I think "retro" for some reason I think of an original gameboy. Then for the background I google searched cool retro background and this is what I found.

Monday, 16 June 2014

June 13th Photo Safari: Red




The first one is of Julia's red, graffiti binder. Second one is of the pop machine because the red coca cola logo is really identifiable. The third one is of Lindsey when she realized I was taking a bunch of photos of her. The fourth is of the defibrillator because it is a heart and when I think of hearts, I think of the colour red. The last is of the fire alarm.

May 30th Photo Safari: Feet


I used to be a dancer and feet position is crucial in dance in order to make sure that the dance looks crisp and together so I thought that would be a really important use of our feet. The second one is of a "foot" of a ruler. The third one is just of a cool perspective of feet. When I was little I used to always lay on my back and pretend I was walking on the roof. When this project was first mentioned, that was the first thing I thought of so I recreated it. The fourth one was a couple of friends and my feet together making a star. I liked this because we go to Bethlehem and it is sort of our logo and I thought it went together well. The fifth one is of Lindsey trying to get all of her work done that is due soon. 

Friday, 13 June 2014


Not sure which one I liked better so I decided to post both :)

Monday, 9 June 2014

June 6th Photo Safari: Perspective

This one was pretty hard to start but when we got looking around for things it got pretty fun to look around the school. The first one is the classic "I'm squishing your head" then I took a picture of the school poster logo from a really high perspective. I thought this was cool because it took a very ordinary every day poster and added something that made you want to look twice at it. The third one is of a low perspective. The picture was alright but after I edited it and added some things to it, I thought it really added to the picture. Then the fourth one is actually from the glass in the front of the school. I took a picture really close up from above and you can see the different layers inside the glass which I thought was really interesting. The last one is of Lindsey being a goof.

May 15 Photo Safari: Pairs

These are all pretty straight forward. It is a pair of wings, a pair of feet, a pair of earrings. I thought the pear was pretty clever. And it is a pair of pears. It gave me a chuckle when I was taking a picture of it. The last one is of Lindsey editing some pictures.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

May 23rd Photo Safari: Knolling

Knolling is something I have never heard of before. But when I started to look around, I see it everywhere. The first one is of the books in the library that are all neat and organized, then of the graduating class of last year you will notice how all of them are in perfect straight lines. Then the flags in the commons are all straight and orderly. The picture of the parking lot isn't the best because I couldn't get as high as I would have wanted. If I would have been able to get an actual arial shot it would have been a lot better. Then the last one is of one of my friends that didn't really want to get her picture taken as she was walking back into class.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

May 2nd Photo Safari:Eyes

I took a picture of the hulk's eye that was on a poster, the eye of a needle, Linsey's eye, and the "i" in family. Then I took a picture of Lindsey updating her blog. 

Friday, 9 May 2014

May 9th Photo Safari: Frames

First picture is a really pretty frame of something you would find in a church. Second is Lindsey looking like she is being framed for something. Third is hands making a frame around a picture. Fourth is a door frame and I sort of edited it to look like something heavenly was coming through it. Fifth was my experience one…just looking out at the nice weather.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Photo Safari #3 Abstract

 The first photo is an abstract of the inside of a garbage can. The second one is of the end of a scarf. The third is of the side of the pop machine. The 4th is a picture of the experience and the 5th is of my hand. It was interesting to see how taking a close up of something ordinary could change it into something really pretty.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Final of personal logo

Name(s):Madison Miller
Assignment:personal logo

How would you rate your effort?
5 excellent   4 good   3 average   2 fair   1 poor

How would you rate your use of class time?
5 excellent   4 good   3 average   2 fair   1 poor

How would you rate your process? Did you follow all the required steps?
5 excellent   4 good   3 average   2 fair   1 poor 

How would you rate your creativity?
5 excellent   4 good   3 average   2 fair   1 poor

How would you rate your overall end product?
5 excellent   4 good   3 average   2 fair   1 poor

Total Points ___25___ (25 max) 

If you were to do this assignment again what would you do differently? (5 points)
I wouldn't do anything different. I love the way it looks and I feel like my design met all the criteria needed. It can be shrunk down, easy to remember, its simple, relates to me, focuses on the swimmer (one thing), it is distinct and incorporates tradition.

What have you improved on by doing this assignment? (5 points)
I have improved on my creativity and also on using different techniques and methods to get the impact I want my image to have. For example in my logo, you can tell that the blue stuff under my logo is water because the brush I used mimicked what water is like.

If you were to offer a future student advice about this assignment, what would it be? (5 points)
I would advise someone to take the time to think of something original that relates to you, and to try to not look at other logos that you know because then your mind gets stuck and keeps on wanting to go back and copy that logo.

Do you have any suggestions for me the teacher if I assign this assignment again? (5 points)
Not really, I liked the assignment and it was fun to do. Maybe do some more instruction on the different tools that we could use on the iPads because that part was a bit confusing for me. Other than that it was great!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Hands Safari-April11th

So the first picture I took was of Angie's nails because as a girl, I think that hands look so much better when they are painted nice, which hers were. The second picture is the sign language version of "hand". My parents are both deaf and at home I see the importance of hands when I use them to speak to them. For the third picture we had several students put their hands together like they were coming together as a group because hands can be used to unify people. The fourth picture is of a clay monster that one of the art classes had made. Hands can also create beauty from anything. The last picture is of my grip laughing about how Angie couldn't seem to keep her eyes open for a picture.